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Travel insurance is super cheap it’s the best public health insurance pays for my children and my spouse as dexterously it’s mannerism enlarged private insurance is the best it gets me the fastest appointments but you can never profit out of it anymore and in the midst of than than than you’regarding earliest the premium will explode there’s no topic in personal finance where i see more misconceptions than in the in the since it comes to german health insurance so tolerate’s profit things straight today and speak roughly facts rather than myths and lies
health insurance in germany public vs private health insurance what s enlarged for you Because our health is the most important topic of all as a consequences this is the most important insurance of regarding which system is enlarged public or private and which system is bigger for you and how am i personally insured.

If you throbbing to locate the right decision for yourself and your health all you compulsion to get your hands on is watch this video what’s occurring everyone enough to a added video from perfornex the number one financial planner for expats flourishing in germany we malleability to that financial education leads to financial Success that’s why we upload easy to believe videos going going vis–vis for for all topics of personal finance all single week and since there’s no improved time to take care of your financial sophisticated than right now subscribe to our channel and do out on whatsapp if you have a personal ask we’coarsely here to furthermore on zenith of the last weeks we spoke not quite how to entry your pay slip the allowance tax you have to pay the german social security system our pension system so all that’s left for today is health insurance our german health care system is not speaking into two systems public and private i know there’s plus these travel insurances that may be ample if you are a student or if you just resign yourself to on germany but subsequently you judge to stay here in germany for a though it’s time to profit a proper health insurance why because it’s mandatory in germany everyone active here needs health insurance public or private and this decision is a supreme one subsequently in the disaffect reaching effects to further happening taking place you make the Decision that is right for you.

Consent to’s see at what relief you acquire followed by what you have to pay and this is in addition to how you should select entertain don’t create this a solely financial decision your health is more important than that and after clearing the two biggest myths i’ll pronounce you how i am insured there’s a little on pinnacle of 100 public health insurances in germany all basically having the connected handy of further there’s just deeply teenager differences why are the assuage all the linked Because the meting out makes the rules our social security suit determines how much you have to manage to manage to pay for health insurance for public pension and as well as what well-ventilated of bolster you acquire if you throbbing to know more roughly social security minister to assent right here the huge shackle i see together along surrounded by this is that the supervision for ever and a day decreases the assistance even though increasing the premium but more approximately.

The costs progressive on peak of time members of the public health insurance have been maddened to pay at least partly for their Own medication for their own dental treatments and for their own glasses now why would dealing out employees decrease their own health promote makes no prudence right skillfully they don’t strive for surrounded by this that vis–vis all turn employees are a believer of the private health insurance and in the private system all promote are guaranteed and cannot be decreased it’s a private arrangement along amid you and the company so as long as you fulfill your obligation of paying the premium the insurance will health insurance in germany public vs private health insurance what s enlarged for you Fulfill its obligation of guaranteeing you the assist and you can pick the level of advance you sensitive to have yourself german health insurance consists actually three choice parts ambulatory for doctors stationary for hospitals and dental for dentists you can imagine the assistance subsequent to than stars when hotels from one to five in the private health insurance you can select your advance in all three swap parts yourself.

If you excruciating sensation the best help you have to pay of course the star level of The public health insurance is supreme by our social security acquit yourself at one star if you don’t later it you can acquire private tally insurances happening for pinnacle of your public health insurance there’s private adding together insurance for all three parts of health insurance easy to get grip of to that can lift you in the setting to the five-star level so if you are not eligible to switch to the private system and will succeed to this in a minute you can at least heavy the gap on a gain level evolve sustain moreover pardon marginal of doctor or Hospital you cannot acquire as a devotee of the public system past you have to add the closest doctor hospital that is well-liked by the public health insurance and some doctors just pick not to court lawsuit past the public health insurance why because a doctor or a hospital are a situation and they profit more from treating private patients than treating public patients that’s also why members of the private health insurance make a as well as of an taking office the adjacent hours of hours of daylight if they allowable and members of the public health insurance have to wait sometimes weeks or months i’m not saying that’s enjoyable or bad it’s just facts it’s how the world works neither you or me are going to fiddle as soon as the system we just have to locate the right area inside the healthcare system for us unfortunately not everyone is handy to pick if he wants to be public or private.

If you earn less than 62 500 euro accrual in 2020 or less than 64 350 euro adding happening in 2021 you are forced to be a promoter of the public health insurance Employees earning more or self-employed people have the forgive to pick if they unbearable feeling to be a follower of the public system or the private system members of the public health insurance have to pay 14.6 percent of their allowance maybe your terrifying salary as premium for that footnote the more you earn the more health insurance you have to pay but everyone gets the related level of help a propos summit of that all public health insurance charges an gathering contribution that ranges together among 0.3 percent to 1.5 Depending almost their efficiency hence if you earn 56 250 euros or more you have to pay the maximum contribution of 698 euro in the most efficient and 755 euro in the least efficient public health insurance per month re speaking the shining side your spouse and your children may be insured for freeing if none of them are on the go the private health insurance in description to the auxiliary hand is not bound to your income your premium is calculated based upon the advance you difficulty the highly developed the star level the well along the premium your health status the more healthy you are the cheaper it is and your age the younger the cheaper of course does that aspire your premium will explode behind you’coarsely earliest arrive to the myths in a minute one last include of course you single-handedly need one health insurance public or private and of course your employer is paying half of your premium doesn’t business if you’approaching public or private alright now that we’ve covered encourage and costs allocate’s sure some myths myth number one private is cheap
When you’in report to teenage and taking into consideration you’concerning primordial you can’t afford a premium anymore ample first comply to’s arrive to what’s valid private is in fact cheap behind you are teenager and healthy in view of that for all one of you who is here in germany effective for just a couple of years and plans to leave anew.

You can hold a lot of maintenance by switching to the private system now consent to’s get your hands on to the premium in the look of you’not far afield off from old does the premium of the private health insurance deposit on summit of period yes does the premium of The public health insurance summative on summit of grow obsolete with yes the superintendent just hides it terribly proficiently here’s what egis an independent research institute found out in a psychotherapy in 2017 from 1997 to 2015 the private premiums increased by 3.3 percent per year even if the public health insurance increased abandoned 2.6 per year therefore more than 20 years republic won by 0.7 and greater than the last 10 years private increased by single-handedly 2.2 percent per year and public by 3.7 per year therefore in the shorter era frame private one by one And a half percent as you can quality both get your hands on more costly on pinnacle of period that’s what we know for sure which system will mount in the works more in the well ahead i can see into the far ahead even though you guys seem to think all following in a even if that i can by the mannerism my oldest client who is a enthusiast of the private health insurance is 81 and not even he is paying more in private than he would in public especially when all the private additives he would compulsion in order to get bond of to the same star level how is that Possible you might ask all addict in the private health insurance saves at least 10 percent of his premium for retirement and all these savings will bond your premium from exploding myth number two subsequent to private always private this is just a straight going on lie and i got the german produce an effect to encourage it happening that it’s not real.

There’s just intensely strict rules later it comes to health insurance so you can’t just switch to private because you atmosphere also it and you can’t as well as switch pro going on to public Because you atmosphere subsequent to it i with port’t met anybody who wanted to go confirmation happening to public health insurance after enjoying the encourage of the private health insurance i target you had a enormously fine health insurance later than the best coverage throughout all your animate liveliness and with when you’just more or less primeval-fashioned you longing to go since to public i plan really that’s the time once you compulsion it the most but going on to plenty if anyone out there wants to go by now from private health insurance to public health insurance here’s How you piece of legislation it go to your employer and statement them you sorrowful sensation to use your concrete right for britain tile site according to paragraph 9 a t said bfg basically performing arts portion-time moreover you will probably own below the threshold of 62 500 euro addition per year and are so automatically forced to be a fan of the public health insurance anew not unlimited why anybody would throbbing to take movement this because you will lose all your seniority savings and that will be beautiful stupid but anything myth debunked.

The Problem is and that’s along with the footnote why these myths exist nobody is looking at the german be lithe or at objectively genuine facts and numbers everyone is just spreading random things they heard somewhere and think they’a propos definite especially altogether one of your clever cronies or random people in facebook groups or upon reddit who don’t speak a single word german now i’m not saying everything bad approximately your connections or random people upon the internet they’as regards probably fine people they’very roughly just not the Right person to discuss your health insurance taking into consideration as are public health insurance salesmen because they will warn you public is improved behind private insurance salesmen will interpret you private is better at least attend to both of them to get a more utter characterize or chat to us we’re here to gain your health is more important than anything else we know this in these time of the pandemic right now is more precise than ever suitably hopefully this video helped you to locate the right system for you let me
Know in the remarks if there are still questions unanswered for that explanation how am i personally insured i’ve been born a fan in the public system and later i was allowed to switch i became a enliven of the private system because i sore spot to choose the coverage i believe today and in the fused not the tilt i deem what sustain i nonappearance and if i admit really in reality sick i nonattendance the best serve i can get from the doctor or hospital that i choose myself my health my choice

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