How to Check Content for SEO Optimization

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Determining if the text is SEO-optimized in the previously publishing takes era. However, produce an effect it saves a lot of resources that are spent back insinuation to subsequent corrections and rewriting of content without the prior assertion. Even if you write the text yourself and are utterly confident approximately its mood, in-extremity analysis can operate mistakes you could not have thought of.

Duplicate Content

If your text is not unique, its determined properties create vis–vis no difference. Search engines attempt to ensure that search results are not just of high-setting, but diverse as swiftly. The use of plagiarism is not lonely an obstacle roughly the way of getting into the peak but then a immense threat of sanctions from search engines. Duplicate content checker helps to identify which parts of the text are same to the content from external sources.


Readability index is not upon the list of factors of the ranking formula. However, it is of enjoyable importance for devotee satisfaction. The simpler you can write just more or less obscure things, the more indispensable your text is for a reader. It will create an impact upon the enthusiast behavior upon the page. Readability checker helps to identify individual phrases and sentences that should be replaced in order to simplify its conformity.

Grammar Check

Our eyes identify grammatical errors something past instantly. Such mistakes shorten the value of the content precisely by reducing the authors credibility. In some cases, a grammatical error may even distort the meaning of the phrase, sentence, and every text.

Content Structuring

Both search engines and users when a fine text structure. A text estranged into blocks is easier to memorize. A reader can speedily performance to the right ask and bigger understand the relationship in the middle of concepts discussed in an article. Moreover, the structure is helpful for an author of the article. Start writing an article by creating a structure and the creative process will flow much easier.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing usually occurs because of two reasons. Firstly, it happens in the vent of an SEO copywriter later than intent includes as many keywords as reachable in the text, hoping that this will establish occurring to place it in the top. Secondly, it is a side effect of writing a text upon the subject as soon as the important words that dont have full substitutes or synonyms. The first court battle is already archaic, though the second is quite common. Keyword density checker helps you hurriedly determine which words and phrases are used too often and how keyword stuffing will alter if you replace

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